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服务器端下载 :

服务器端 :

1. Unzip the contents of KMP_Server.zip to any folder.
2. Copy the following files from [KSP 0.22 folder]\KSP_Data\Managed\ to your KMP Server folder:
* Assembly-CSharp.dll
* Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll
* UnityEngine.dll

LINUX USERS: The server needs mscorlib.dll to run. On Debian-derived systems (such as Ubuntu) you
can do this with the command:
sudo apt-get install mono-runtime libmono-system-data2.0.cil

NOTE: KMP Server has been tested on Windows 7+ and Ubuntu 12.04 systems. Other platforms are not
officially supported, but may work correctly provided a suitable library for SQLite is supplied.
If KMP Server doesn't work "out of the box" on your system and you are able to find a native
SQLite package, you may be able to get things working by replacing the file "libsqlite3.so.0"
with a native equivalent.

Starting the Server
[On Windows]
Open a command prompt, switch to your KMP server directory, and run "KMPServer.exe"

[On Linux]
Open a terminal, switch to your KMP server directory, and run "mono KMPServer.exe"

After the server has been configured, you can start hosting the game with the "H" command.

port - The port used for connecting to the server.
httpPort - The port used for viewing server information from a web browser.
maxClients - The maximum number of players that can be connected to the server simultaneously.
joinMessage - A message shown to players when they join the server.
serverInfo - A message displayed to anyone viewing server information in a browser.
updatesPerSecond - CHANGING THIS VALUE IS NOT RECOMMENDED - The number of updates that will be
received from all clients combined per second. The higher you set this number, the more
frequently clients will send updates. As the number of active clients increases, the frequency of
updates will decrease to not exceed this many updates per second.
WARNING: If this value is set too high then players will be more likely to be disconnected due
to lag, while if it is set too low the gameplay experience will degrade significantly.
screenshotInterval - The minimum time a client must wait after sharing a screenshot before they can
share another one.
autoRestart - If true, the server will attempt to restart after catching an unhandled exception.
autoHost - If true, the server will start hosting immediately rather than requiring the admin to
enter the "H" command.
saveScreenshots - If true, the server will save all screenshots to the KMPScreenshots folder.
screenshotHeight - The maximum height of the screenshots that players can share. Can range from 135
to 540 (recommended values: 135, 144, 180, 270, 315, 360, 540).

Server Commands
/quit - Quit the server cleanly, saving the universe database and disconnecting clients.
/stop - Stop hosting server (returns to the main server menu where you can change configuration
/list - List currently connected players.
/count - Display player counts.
/kick <username> - Kick the player with name <username>.
/ban <username> - Permanently ban player the player <username> and any currently known aliases.
/register <username> <token> - Add a new roster entry for player with <username> using
authentication token <token> (BEWARE: this will delete any existing roster entries that match).
/update <username> <token> - Update an existing roster entry for player <username> or player with
token <token> (one of these parameters must match an existing roster entry, and the other will be
updated to match). This can be used to help a player who lost their original access token regain
access to old vessels.
/unregister <username/token> - Remove any player that has a matching username or token from the
/save - Backup the universe database to disk.

Any non-command entered into the server will be sent to the connected players as a chat message.

Enabling Mods
By default, KMP restricts the use of any mod parts because if a connected player does not have a
part installed they may encounter significant issues whenever their game attempts to load a vessel
that includes that part. However, if everyone who is expected to use a server can agree on a common
set of mods to have installed, it is possible to override this restriction manually. In this
situation, the server admin should create a new KMPPartList.txt file that includes all the mod
parts that will be permitted. This is done by taking an existing KMPPartList.txt file (found at
[KSP folder]\GameData\KMP\Plugins\PluginData\KerbalMultiPlayer\KMPPartList.txt) and simply adding
the new parts by in-game name (usually visible in the KSP.log file) to the file, one part name per
line. Once this file has been created, it can be distributed to all the players, who should then
place it in their own KMP installation folders (replacing their own existing copy). This will stop
KMP from blocking vessels that include those parts from launching, but players will have to be
careful to refrain from using those parts on servers that do not support them.

Not all mods will work well with KMP, especially ones that add new game functionality. Some mods
may cause severe issues. It is recommended that you test mods privately before agreeing to use them
with your server. Additional tools for managing mods with KMP are in active development, and the
next major KMP release will likely include features that make it possible for mod restrictions to
be distributed automatically whenever a client first connects to the game.

Source available at: https://github.com/TehGimp/KerbalMultiPlayer



KMP is a mod for v0.22 of Kerbal Space Program that adds a multiplayer game option. In a KMP game
you can freely interact with other players and do all the Kerbally things you'd normally do in KSP,
but with friends (or strangers) playing in the same universe, at the same time. See the FAQ for
more information.

Simply copy the contents of KMP.zip to your KSP directory. Be sure you copy both the "GameData" &
"saves" folders as both are required for KMP to function correctly. It is recommended that you use
a fresh copy of KSP for playing KMP--as KMP is in an EARLY ALPHA state it could potentially cause
major issues even for non-KMP sessions, and KMP is not compatible with most other KSP mods.

Getting Connected
To connect to a server, select it from the favourites list and click "Connect". Clicking
"Add Server" will show/hide the new server form. To add a new server, just enter the address & port
(default 2076) and click "Add".

For the most part, playing with KMP is just like playing a single-player KSP game: you still build
and launch ships, and you can even use time warp whenever you need/want to (see "Warping & Relative
Time" below). There are several new windows added to the interface to allow you to communicate and
coordinate with other players, and you will see indicators for other players on all the in-game
maps of the solar system. Many features (such as reverting to launch, quick-loading, pausing, &
physics-warp) are disabled during a KMP session.

[Main KMP Window]
The main KMP window lists all the currently connected players with status information, and
provides access to most KMP features. The buttons on the main window are:
"[X]" - Hides the main KMP window and the KMP privacy lock. Click the "[-]" button to restore the
main KMP window.
"+"/"-" - Maximizes/minimizes the main KMP window size
"Detail" - Toggles whether detailed flight status information is displayed for other players
"Options" - Displays settings including keybindings, as well as the "Disconnect & Exit" button
"Chat" - Toggles whether the Chat window is displayed
"Viewer" - Toggles whether the Viewer window is displayed
"Share Screen" - Takes a screenshot to be shared with other players
"Sync" - Syncronize with the server's latest "subspace" (see "Warping & Relative Time")

The Chat window, unsurprisingly, allows you to chat with other players on the server. Press enter
or click "Send" to send a message to other players.
"Wide" - Toggles wide chat display-mode
"Help" - Toggles display of chat commands

WARNING FOR LINUX USERS: A bug with Unity/KSP as of 0.21.1 causes keyboard input to be picked up by
your vessel even when you a typing in a text box. Be sure you are on the Map View before
participating in chat to prevent accidents!

The Viewer allows you to view screenshots shared by other players. Just click on a player's name to
see the most recent screenshot they've shared.

WARNING FOR LINUX USERS: A bug with Unity/KSP as of 0.21.1 causes issues with sending or viewing
screenshots. While these features may work normally in some cases, it is recommended that you
avoid using them as they often cause the game to crash without warning.

Warping & Relative Time
KMP allows you to use regular "on-rails" warp on-demand, as much as you need. However, whenever you
use warp this desynchronizes you from other players putting you in the future relative to them. You
can still play your game normally when other players are in the past, but you won't be able to
interact with them directly and they'll only see the things you're doing if the "catch up" to you
in time. Other players that use warp may end up in the future relative to you, and it's not
uncommon to find yourself sitting between other groups of players, some in the future and some in
the past. You can sync with any player that's in the future relative to you--just click the "Sync"
button under their name and you'll be jumped ahead in time to the same 'subspace' as that player.
The "Sync" button at the bottom of the main KMP window always sychronizes you with the "latest"
subspace available in the current game, which is where (when?) newly connected players join the
game as well. Be sure that you're landed or in a stable orbit when you sync, as otherwise you may
find yourself somewhere unexpected!

You're still able to see other players and what they're doing in-game when they're in a different
subspace--you can chat, send screenshots, share designs, etc, but you won't be able to interact
with any in-game vessels that those players control. Vessels from the past or future turn
translucent so that you know that you won't be able to affect them. If the other player is in the
past, KMP tries to predict where they'll be in the future and shows their ship at that location.
Keep in mind, though, that since the ship is still being manipulated in the past, the predicted
future location can rapidly change. If another ship has been manipulated in the future, you're
effectively just watching a recording of events that have "already happened" play out.

Vessel Privacy
By default and vessel you launch will be in a "Public" status, which means that other players can
take control of it if you leave and they may freely dock with your ship as well. To keep a vessel
to yourself, use the "Lock" window on the right-side of the screen to set the vessel to "Private"
status. You can't take control of another vessel owned by another player that has marked it
"Private", nor can you dock with a "Private" vessel. Keep in mind, though, that if another player
is in control of your vessel they can choose to lock it to themselves--only share your ships with
players you trust. Your vessel locks are tied to your username & token (see "User Authentication"
below)--if you change your username or token, you will lose access to vessels that were marked
"Private" with those credentials. Players can always interact physically (i.e. collide) with
another vessel even when the owner is absent.

User Authentication
KMP uses a simple username+token system for controlling your access to a server and to your
vessels. Your "token" is a file created by KMP which is stored at
[KSP folder]\GameData\KMP\Plugins\PluginData\KerbalMultiPlayer\KMPPlayerToken.txt--think of this
file as your password. Once you first join a server successfully, the username you are using is
immediately tied to your token *for that server*. Other players that join that server will not be
able to connect with your username as they won't have a matching token. If you want to access the
same server from multiple computers with a single username, be sure to copy the KMPPlayerToken.txt
file created on the first computer you use to the other(s) in order to make it possible for you to
connect. If your token file is missing, a new one will be generated for you but this will of course
also change your token. Your vessel locks (if any) are tied to your username & token--if either
changes you will lose access to any vessels that were set to "Private" until you restore the
original username and token or contact a server admin for assistance.

Most mods are not supported by KMP, although some information-only mods may work OK. If all the
players that use a server can agree on a common set of mod parts to install, a server admin may
assist you with enabling mod parts. Never attempt to use mod parts on a server that hasn't
expressly enabled them--even though KMP will attempt to stop you from doing so, if you were to
successfully launch a vessel that includes parts that other players don't have, those players may
encounter significant issues.

Source available at: https://github.com/TehGimp/KerbalMultiPlayer
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组别: VIP
帖子: 9,393
注册: 19-Jan-2004
来自: 上海
编号: 3,033

发表 01-Nov-2013. Friday. 07:31
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组别: VIP
帖子: 9,393
注册: 19-Jan-2004
来自: 上海
编号: 3,033


* is not compatible with previous versions of KMP
* will replace your client settings file & your server list will be reset
* The safety bubble is no longer a semi-sphere. It is now cylinder-shaped with the cap at 35km over KSC, and the radius is controlled by the server and can be changed freely.
* Incoming vessel updates from other players are now processed while you are at the Tracking Station (though newly created vessels may not become immediately available)
* Drastically reduced universe disk/memory usage (thanks Hashashin)
* Added rudimentary error handling for corrupt compressed messages & fixed other compression issues
* Anyone can Terminate debris, regardless of "owner"
* Added new /dekessler server command for removing old debris
* Slightly increased lock window size to correct rendering issues
* Newly created databases will now have a slightly smaller long-term size
* Improved disconnection messaging
* The client debug log is now disabled after the initial universe sync is completed, since it grows quite large in a normal game session--use "/debug" in chat after syncing to re-enable the client debug log when testing
* Fixed "Gumby Kerbal" bugs
* Fixed an issue with destroyed vessels being continuously recreated and destroyed again
* Fixed same-subpsace time-sync destroying in-atmo vessels
* Fixed some cases of vessels not loading upon reconnect
* Fixed some issues with null data / client not ready messages
* Fixed issues with in-atmo debris being constantly reported as destroyed
* Fixed issues with client sending full vessel structure on every update outside of the "safety bubble"
* Fixed maneuver nodes appeared to jump to other orbits when making adjustments
* Fixed a UI issue with displaying unavailable vessels in the Tracking Station
* Fixed a few other minor errors
* Project management stuff
* Changed some debug messaging to ease researching certain gameplay issues
* Overhauled user banning functionality
* Profanity filter
* Multiple major refactors to improve long-term project maintainability
* Initial groundwork for MySQL database support for servers
* Chat messages are now passed through the server
* Improved information shown to user when the server has difficulty starting
* Improved client (dis)connection information
* All new, completely overhauled "ChatDX" chat interface
* Added new ghost checks
* Updated /clearclients disconnect method
* Refactored server command handling code
* Updated Kick messaging
* XML client settings file
* New /listships server command for displaying universe vessel information
* New /countships server command for displaying universe vessel information
* New /say server command
* Client MOTD display improvements
* Fixed kerbalEVA & Flag not included in default parts list
* Fixed cannot change LogLevel without fully restarting server
* Fixed bug with continually reloading client settings
* Code cleanup
* & created KMP Extractor utility to ease installation
* Added dynamic safety-bubble radius
* Refactored code to prevent certain client errors
* Refactored exception handling
* Fixed some connectivity issues
* Monomake support
* Numerous project improvements (renames, git settings, README contributions)
* Code refactors for long-term project maintenance
* Fixed some suboptimal SQL
* Code cleanup
* Added new !motd and !rules chat commands
* Added /setinfo, /motd, and /rules server commands for changing info, motd, or rules without restarting server
* Improved server messages for certain errors
* & created KMP Launcher tool
* Drastically reduced universe disk/memory usage
* Created KMPbot dev team support robot
* Fixed some connectivity issues
* Fixed can bind Mouse0 to major keys
* Fixed servers can be added to favourites list more than once
* Code cleanup
* Code cleanup
* Refreshments
* New KMP flag! =D
* New alt KMP flag!

NOTE: is not compatible with previous versions of KMP
* Added automatic backup of universe database to help prevent crashes from causing permanent damage
* Larger network messages are now compressed to conserve bandwidth and improve initial load times
* New server and client* chat help commands (thanks to RockyTV & JoshJ5Hawk)
* Improved server universe database performance dramatically (thanks to wuselfuzz!)
* Improved server performance over TCP (thanks to Odin & PhonicUK)
* Improved same* subspace time* sync performance (helps address "bubble Kraken" issues & "too slow" disconnections)
* Server now shows what IP new clients are connecting from (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Added "/clearclients" server command to manually remove ghosted clients (thanks to ShadedFox & Jumba)
* Fixed major issues with many database commands following SQL* injection patches (thanks to rekcon!)
* Fixed chat messages displayed as "errors" in server (thanks to Jumba)
* Fixed cannot set screenshotHeight (thanks to RockyTV)
* Fixed Info window hotkey (thanks to ruarai)
* Fixed issue where in some locales server log would not include newlines (thanks to ruarai)
* Fixed server crash when database backup fails (thanks to ruarai)
* Fixed server can be crashed by unexpected clients connecting (thanks to ShadedFox)
* Fixed server crash when attempting to send data to a just* disconnected client (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Fixed first connection attempt to a server often failed
* Fixed minor issues with craft* sharing commands
* Fixed rare issues with some clients being unable to load all vessels from server (other cases still exist)
* Fixed a crash when certain server chat commands fail
* Fixed a couple more common server crashes
* Removed some deprecated code (thanks to Wetmelon)

* Corrected numerous ghosting issues and server crashes
* Even more ghosting issue and crash fixes (thanks to Jumba)
* Improved same* subspace time* sync to help prevent unexpected time changes outside the KSC "safety bubble"
* The server now gives clear instructions at startup if required libraries are missing (thanks to ruarai)

* Fixed clicking on a craft in Tracking Station can cause an "Unexpected error * re* synchronizing" message/sync
* Fixed chat/viewer windows stay open after being disconnected (thanks to RcColes)

* Corrected localization regressions in server
* Updated client to remove UDP connection requirement

* Server admins can now create a whitelist of approved players (thanks to PhonicUK)
* The server can now be bound to a specific IP address (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Server startup has been changed (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Server can now be configured using command* line arguments (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Fixed potential security issues affecting 'universe' integrity (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Fixed server can crash when a player is disconnected
* Fixed server can crash when unable to write 'universe' to disk
* Fixed invalid chars in entered server hostname can break client GUI
* Fixed a bug where remote vessels that were inside the KSC "safety bubble" could sometimes still appear
* Changed server settings format to something more sane (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Improvements to server logging (thanks to PhonicUK)
* Other minor changes & bugfixes

* Day 1 critical updates (server only) to fix dependency & localization issues

* Initial release

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