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> Ksp 0.22发布
发表 17-Oct-2013. Thursday. 06:55
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==================================== v0.22.0 =========================================================


* Career Mode:
- Career Mode is now open! Although still very much under development, you can now start new Career saves.
- Sandbox mode, of course, is also available from the start.

* Research and Development:
- Added the Research & Development Facility to the Space Center.
- R&D allows players to unlock parts (and later other stuff) by researching nodes on the Tech Tree (In Career Mode).

* Science:
- Researching requires Science, which must be earned by performing experiments during your missions.
- You can now collect surface samples while on EVA, and process them to do Science.
- Science experiments return results, which are different for each situation in which the experiment is performed.
- Experiments can (as all proper experiments must) be repeated over many different situations across the whole Solar System.
- Added a new dialog to show the results of experiments when reviewing the collected data.
- Added a new dialog to show a breakdown of all scientific progress made after recovering a mission.

* Parts:
- Added new scientific parts, like the Materials Bay and the Mystery Goo?Canister. Also added experiments to many existing parts.
- The old science sensors now have a purpose. They all have their own experiments which enable them to log scientific data.
- The antennas are now functional, and can be used to transmit science data back to Kerbin, if recovering the physical experiments is not an option.
- Antennas consume massive amounts of power when transmitting. Make sure you have fresh batteries in.
- Added a new deployable antenna, which is an intermediate model compared to the two original ones.
- Completely remodelled the Communotron 88-88 Comms Dish. The new mesh uses the same placement rules so it won't break ships that have it.
- Nose Cones now actually help with improving stability during atmospheric flight.
- Revised a lot of part values and descriptions, in preparation for them actually meaning something in the near future.
- Overhauled the landing legs and gears, they now have proper shock-absorbing suspensions.

* Editor:
- Added a system to allow saving and loading of Sub-Assemblies.
- Subassemblies are subsets of spacecraft, which can later be attached to other designs and re-used.

* Space Center:
- The KSC Facilities have all been revised, and feature new ground meshes and many other graphical improvements.
- Greatly improved the Island Airfield.
- Added lighting FX to several facilities. The Runway (among many other things) is now properly lit at night.
- Added a new backdrop and soundtrack for the Astronaut Complex Facility.
- Added a new music track for the R&D Facility.

* Flight:
- It is now possible to recover a flight after landing/splashdown on Kerbin without going through the Tracking Station. Look above the Altimeter.
- The SAS system was again largely overhauled, based on all the feedback we've gotten from everyone. It's now stabler than ever.

* Solar System:
- Celestial Bodies now support Biome Maps, which are used to create different conditions for experiments.
- Biomes are currently implemented on Kerbin and on the Mun, more will be added on later updates.

* Launcher:
- We've got a new launcher application for KSP, featuring a news bulletin, patcher management, and also allows you to tweak settings from outside the game.

* Windows and OSX Installers:
- The KSPStore version of the game can now also be downloaded as an installer wizard on Windows, and as a .dmg image on OSX.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
* Fixed an issue that caused a stream of errors to be thrown after planting a flag and opening the map.
* Fixed several minor and not-so-minor issues with scene transitions.
* Greatly improved the scene transition times. Loading delays between scenes should be significantly reduced.
* The SAS indicator on the UI now changes colors to indicate when your input is overriding it.

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