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> ROF v1.031版升级开始, 777宣称今后ROF发展会采取BOS的新技术
发表 27-Aug-2013. Tuesday. 22:34
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RT, 升级公告


Dear pilots!

Work on the version particularly designed for Steam is still in progress, so we decided not to waste time and bring the new version to you as soon as possible. The central part of the update is, of course, the new plane. You talked a lot about it, you asked for it, then you started pre-ordering it, and finally we release this aircraft - F.E.2b.

The early British bomber, fighter and a recon biplane. No synchronizer installed, so the gunner was placed in front of the pilot. Pusher scheme provides brilliant field of view in the front hemisphere, and mobile machinegun turret allows to cover both front and back aiming above the wing.

The aircraft is easily controlled, it's sensitive on the stick, so the flight is a real pleasure. It's only drawback is low speed, which deprived the plane form its potential popularity during WWI. Anyway we enjoyed making it and we hope this model will become a wonderful addition to your collection of early aircraft widely used in multiplayer events and in career mode.

Also releasing this new version we present you the first gift from the IL-2: BOS project. We managed to optimize the loading procedures for in-game objects and modules and applied it to ROF. Thus, loading from the start and to the main menu screen has been decreased by more than 10 times. We hope that it's just the first step in discovering and applying new knowledge and technologies into both projects , and a whole lot of new bright ideas are awaiting.

We wish you the best of luck mastering this new aircraft, we also are very grateful to everyone who pre-ordered F.E.2b and made it possible to give this plane a life in Rise of Flight and on players' screens.

v.1.031 update content is as follows:

• Optimized loading procedures for the game and the mission editor

• Added F.E.2b

• Fixed the issue that prevented ships from moving

• Fixed crashes in the Brandenburg W12 carier

• Added: 22 skins for F.E.2b and Vol.15 pack with 396 historical and 233 fictional skins

• Fixed the stats issue that caused the streaks not to reset after death
• Minor point scoring issues fixed

主要内容:优化主程序加载速度(777号称速度加快乐10倍!感觉夸张了点), 新机FE2b,新皮肤,还有统计跟3D物体的一些bug修正。三七还宣称今后ROF发展会采取BOS的新技术,2个项目并行发展相得益彰。

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